Saturday, 15 May 2010

To Clog or not to clog?

Hello ladies. The runways have been treaded with this Danish delight in preperation for Spring / Summer 2010 and I have gathered a collection of photos to show you the best action from our new friend, 'the clog'.

The infamous Coco (Chanel in case you were wondering) has an assortment of lovely clogs in their accessories line up for this summer:

These clogs are one of the most beautiful I have seen out there, and If I was going to give this trend a try on, I would love todo it in these beautes. Clearly, I wasn't the only one thinking this. See Alexa Chung clobbering around above.
Rachel Bilson here in a more classic version of our friend, The Clog, and Mary Kate Olsen rocking a wedged clog (with her infamous coffee in toe).
With so many clogs out there, there really is a style for everyone. Clearly, they have removed themselves from their Danish grandfather clog and are taking up wardrobes all over the world. Beware the clog!

But don't worry if Chanel is out of your price range, you have more options than last years holiday souvenier to choose from! Check out the following clogs just waiting to be picked up off our high streets:

from top left: Topshop (£70), River Island (£69.99), NW3 by Hobbs (£119), Zara (£69.99), The Laden Showroom (£80).
And these cuties from ASOS:

Sanita Heeled clog £30
Promise Leather studded clog £85

Henry Clog Sandal £25

So. Will you be clogging it out this summer?

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