Sunday, 8 August 2010

Contest Winners :)

Hi girls, Sorry I have been m.i.a for so long! I have finally sorted the contest winners using, and the first prize winner is Maribel from The second prize winner is Hershley from

Well done girls! I will be emailing you for your addresses and thanks so much to everyone else for entering! I have lots of fun posts coming in the next week, particularly hauls!

Char XXX

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summers hottest accessory?

Seriously? If you would wear this hot accessory this summer, pls let me know!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Is this Excessive?

Ok girls. don't judge me! Yes I have literally gone out and bought 3 copies of Glamour magazine. Luckily two of them were actually different, but yes I do have a duplicate. Why? Well as I'm sure most of you know, today the new Glamour came out with some amazing Benefit goodies as freebies! When you buy the £2 mag you will get either a Bad Gal Smoldering black eye pencil, an Eye Brght Instant eye brightener or The It Stick Conceal it all stick.

As you can see..... I got all three! But for £6 that is a bargain don't you think? And I had been thinking about buying Eye Bright for a while too. So excited!

I instantly had to try these out, so first I swatched them. From far left: the It stick, bad gal and eye bright.

Verdict? These pencils are amazing value for 2 squids each. Seriously creamy and easy to apply. The it stick is a perfect shade for my skin tone but probably not for everyones (bit of a strange product). My favourite has to be the Eye Bright though, because I applied it to the inner corners of my eyes and on the inner lower lash line and it instantly revived my face! I love the gorgeous soft pink colour it is too. Bad Gal speaks for itself really, just a perfect smudgy versatile product. You could use it as a kohl liner, under the lash line, on the top lash line plus it would be a great base for a smokey eye look.

Okay so you probably can't tell much from this picture, but I have all 3 products one. I used It stick to conceal under my eyes, bad gal on the lower lash line outer 1/3rd and eye bright on the inner section of my eye. I absolutely love these products, they will be staples in my handbag at all times from now on!

On a different note, I did a little shopping recently and purchased these cute Rolla Sole pumps which can be found at They are my newest addition to my handbag as  always always (!) wear innapropriate shoes for any occassion. They are always too hgh or just too uncomfortable and I end up in agony towards the end of the day so I was in desperate need of something like this. I think of them as my emergency back up plan. They roll up so small and fit snugly in my handbag and then if I need to I can just whip them out and voila comfy feet once again. so they're not the most stylish when they're on my feet, and knd of look like slippers, but If I can fit them in my handbag I don't really care. An emergency is an emergency!

Okay thats it for now girls! But I wanna know did any of you get Glamour today, or plan on it (if there's any left!)?


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Audrey and Louis. A perfect match

Audrey and Louis are the perfect pair. Both are glamorous yet sophisticated, understated yet showstopping, Bold yet humble, Timeless yet on trend, Individual yet classic.

Aren't these pictures fabulous?

Friday, 4 June 2010

Alice in Wonderland Jewellery

Hey girls. Recently I opened an ebay account and got so excited checking out all the bargains on there! So I came across this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland necklace, and was amazed that it only cost me 99p and £1 P+P. Absolute bargain for such a gorgeous necklace.

I love the little bottle that has a paper tag saying Drink Me inside with glitter. Its soo adorable and was so cheap!

So if you're looking for some cheap and cute Alice in Wonderland style jewellery then just check out Ebay, theres loads on there!

XXX Char

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Please enter my giveaway! Thanks xxx

Coveted Item of the week Skull jewellery

Hey Girls!

This week, I discovered an amazing jewellery line on Net a Porter. I was looking through the jewellery on there and this ring stood out to me:
It costs £82.50 and is by the designer Daisy Knights. Intrigued, I looked her up and found her website, where she has pictures of all her current pieces and an email address to place orders. I instantly loved loads of her collections, especially the Kim collection, which is the one this gorgeous ring belongs to.

Here are some other pieces i love that she has created which can be purchased from her site:

Kim Collection, Skull gem necklace £95 - 155

Kim Collection, Skull tie charm bracelet £28 - 48
Amelia Collection, Bow Earrings £60 -80

Becky Collection, Punk Rock Necklace £75 - 135

Daisy Knights herself is only 23 years old and a St.Martins graduate (of course!), and she is relatively new in the jewellery retail world. I am so glad NEt a Porter snapped up some of her designs because I love her stuff and I definately want to order the gorgeous skull gem ring. Of her jewellery, Daisy says that she is "passionate about keeping it British and eco-friendly", which is definately a good thing in my opinion! So if you like what you see, check out her website for more creations:

Ciao XXX