Sunday, 16 May 2010

Review of Eylure Individual false lashes

Hi girls! I have had this packet of Eylure Individual lashes sitting in my makeup shelf for a while now so I decided to actually give them a try.
I can't remember exactly how much I paid for them but you can get them from for £5.00, which really is not that pricey as you get a lot of little lashes in there (enough for 2-3 sets I  would say).
They come in three sizes: short, medium and long. I have found that the short lashes are actually really long, so for my application I used around 7 short lashes and 2 medium ones per eye. I haven't even touched the long ones yet, and when I do I will probably cut them down.

To Apply these lovelies:
First, the instructions say to get a piece of aluminium foil and pour some of the lash glue onto it, which I did. You will also need to have some tweezers at reach:

Next I picked up a clump of short lashes with my tweezers, dipped the end into the glue on my foil and then dropped it onto my real lashes, starting from the middle. I then moved it into place with the other end of my tweezers (so theres no chance of poking any eyes out!). I then continued to do this with the other short clumps and finished up by putting two medium sized lash clumps on the outer corners of my lashes.

Overall I applied 7 short lashes and 2 medium ones to each eye, so thats 18 lashes all together. I'm not envisaging being able to reuse these, as I'm sure they will fall off all over the place and I'll never find them again! Even though the box says they are reusable.
So after applying them to one eye, the difference between my eyes was really dramatic:

Before Lashes:

After Lashes:

So, as you can see my lashes before are barely visible and after applying the falsies they look much nicer, and thats not even with mascara! I think they look really nice and not too fake, definately wearable everyday, which is a good thing because they can last upto 4 weeks according to the box. I will let you know how long mine last, but for now they are looking perfecto! Oh and they feel really light on my lashes, I dont notice that they are there at all.

The down side to these lashes: Very time consuming to apply them (30 mins), if you look close enough you can see that where they join onto my real lashes, and the glue gets all over your hands (unless your r.careful, maybe I am just clumsy).

Overall, I am impressed with the product and unless they all fall out in the next few days or start changing position, I would definately try them out again!

Thanks for reading xx

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