Saturday, 8 May 2010

Beneft Eye Products Review

Okay, this is definately guna be a mixed review! First to the Lemon Aid. I absolutely love this product and have literally just ran out of this week :( I use it religiously to get rid of any redness or bags under my eyes and as a primer for my eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Lots of people seem to not like this product but I think thats because it looks yellow in the pot, but when you apply it it looks a lovely flesh colour. However, I think it is particularly good for people with yellowy undertones to their skin, if this is you I definately recommend this product to get rid of any redness you have anywhere!

Next, the Ooh La Lift! This product is super cute and I love that its pink! Unfortunately being pink isn't all it takes to be a good bit of make up! The name gives the impression that it actually tightens the under eye area skin but that is so not the case. It is more a pale pink highlighter than anything, which I find a bit weird applying under my eye. However, it does make my eyes look brighter when I use it. I have started using it as a cheek highlighter and down the nose too as I am not going to get much use out of it under my eyes. Im not sure its really worth the price it is (around 14 pounds), but it is a cute addition to my makeup bag none the less.

How cool is the new Cadburys flake promotion??

How cool is the cadburys flake promotion? they're giving away 1 million benefit lipsticks and theres a chance to win with each flake. Just type the code in the packet onto their website and you could win! So much fun, although I havent won (yet!). Fingers crossed. The colours look really nice too, I want La La Land.