Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kitchen Cuties

Hi fellow bloggers! So I just got back from doing a mammoth grocery shop, and bought a few things at Holland & Barrett. Yes I know this is not fashion or beauty related, but we all have to eat something right? So it might as well be healthy and pretty!

Nutella = yummy and im pretty sure most people love this (?) I also got this fruity strawberry thing, to put on natural yoghurt and vanilla ice cream and some buffalo (weird right?) burgers. Now I had never seen these before, however they are all natural and from free range animals, so im going to give them a try (mainly for my boyfriends sake however; I dont usually eat much red meat, or like cooking it cause its sooo messy and yucky).
Finally to a little item that could never offend: this gorgeous little stamper thing that you stamp onto bread before you toast it and when it comes out of the toaster it says I <3 you! Super cute, although im not sure where that was from, it was a cute gift that I just threw in there! What are you girls eating tonight? x0x0x

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