Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Little No 7 Gift I received

hey girls! How are you all today? I got this gorgeous little No7 gift set in the post this morning from my lovely mum, which has definately cheered me up amidst exam stress! I just want to share it with you as I think its really adorable (I absolutely love miniatures).
So it comes in this little pink and purple roll bag which would be perfect for travelling, although I'm not that keen on the design:

And this is what's inside:

Eyeshadow in 40 Khaki
High Shine Spf 15 lipgloss in Smile
Extreme Length Mascara in Black
Protect & Perfect eye cream
Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Age Defence Cleansing Balm
Time Resisting Day Cream

I think this was part of the promotion thats still running at the moment. If you spend £22 on No7 products you will receive a gift very similar to this. xx

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