Saturday, 15 May 2010

To Clog or not to clog?

Hello ladies. The runways have been treaded with this Danish delight in preperation for Spring / Summer 2010 and I have gathered a collection of photos to show you the best action from our new friend, 'the clog'.

The infamous Coco (Chanel in case you were wondering) has an assortment of lovely clogs in their accessories line up for this summer:

These clogs are one of the most beautiful I have seen out there, and If I was going to give this trend a try on, I would love todo it in these beautes. Clearly, I wasn't the only one thinking this. See Alexa Chung clobbering around above.
Rachel Bilson here in a more classic version of our friend, The Clog, and Mary Kate Olsen rocking a wedged clog (with her infamous coffee in toe).
With so many clogs out there, there really is a style for everyone. Clearly, they have removed themselves from their Danish grandfather clog and are taking up wardrobes all over the world. Beware the clog!

But don't worry if Chanel is out of your price range, you have more options than last years holiday souvenier to choose from! Check out the following clogs just waiting to be picked up off our high streets:

from top left: Topshop (£70), River Island (£69.99), NW3 by Hobbs (£119), Zara (£69.99), The Laden Showroom (£80).
And these cuties from ASOS:

Sanita Heeled clog £30
Promise Leather studded clog £85

Henry Clog Sandal £25

So. Will you be clogging it out this summer?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Tag: Three of me!

Hi everyone! How are you all today? I was tagged by Paola of to do this tag of three. So here I go!

Three names I go by:

Three Jobs I have had:
Sales Assistant
Admin Assistant

Three fave drinks:
coca cola,
Sparkly water
lemon water
Three TV shows I watch:
Over the Rainbow
Gilmore Girls
Teen Mom

Three Places I have been:
Las Vegas

Three places I would like to go:
New York

Three people who text me regularly:
Best friend

Three favourite old tv shows:
Sex and the City
Samantha Who
The O.C (never been a gossip girl fan!)

Three favourite dishes:
Miso Soup
Greek Salad with lemon, olive oil dressing

Three make up / beauty products I cannot live without:
Mascara without a doubt! (A massive neccessity)
lip balm (another neccessity for me personally)
Tigi Dumb Blonde hair serum
Three things im looking forward to:
Exams being over
starting my new job
taking a holiday yey!

I tag: Olenka (sprinklewithsunshine), rmeghan, Nat Elizabeth, Ariel, Coy, Kaitlynn, Milly, Shabna, Lynda and anyone else who wants to do this! xoxo

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coveted Item of the Week!

Hi girls! This is my current coveted item of the week. With summer fast approaching and having already turned to the St Tropez I've been taking a sneaky peek at the swimwear available out there. I came across this unusually designed swimsuit and think its really pretty and also practical. Its from the brand Maaji, costs £80 (which is basically out of my price range right now!) and is available at ASOS. I love the floral prints it has, but also love that it isn't floral overkill! Perfect range of colours and definately a summery delight. If you look carefully you will also see hearts in the grey design, which of course I am a sucker for!

The back of this swimsuit is also one of the features I really love about it:

I think the pink bow tie is soo cute and girly.

Let me know whether you like it, and what your current coveted item of the week is below.
    I'll be doing a regular weekly update so watch out for those! Thanks so much for reading! xxox

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ASOS discount code

I came across this discount code in my ASOS magazine and thought I would share:

15% off swimwear code: ASOSBEACH

Check out Pyxies blog for a lovely giveaway!

Little No 7 Gift I received

hey girls! How are you all today? I got this gorgeous little No7 gift set in the post this morning from my lovely mum, which has definately cheered me up amidst exam stress! I just want to share it with you as I think its really adorable (I absolutely love miniatures).
So it comes in this little pink and purple roll bag which would be perfect for travelling, although I'm not that keen on the design:

And this is what's inside:

Eyeshadow in 40 Khaki
High Shine Spf 15 lipgloss in Smile
Extreme Length Mascara in Black
Protect & Perfect eye cream
Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum
Age Defence Cleansing Balm
Time Resisting Day Cream

I think this was part of the promotion thats still running at the moment. If you spend £22 on No7 products you will receive a gift very similar to this. xx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Just painted my nails with:

Used it? Like it? Let me know x

Kitchen Cuties

Hi fellow bloggers! So I just got back from doing a mammoth grocery shop, and bought a few things at Holland & Barrett. Yes I know this is not fashion or beauty related, but we all have to eat something right? So it might as well be healthy and pretty!

Nutella = yummy and im pretty sure most people love this (?) I also got this fruity strawberry thing, to put on natural yoghurt and vanilla ice cream and some buffalo (weird right?) burgers. Now I had never seen these before, however they are all natural and from free range animals, so im going to give them a try (mainly for my boyfriends sake however; I dont usually eat much red meat, or like cooking it cause its sooo messy and yucky).
Finally to a little item that could never offend: this gorgeous little stamper thing that you stamp onto bread before you toast it and when it comes out of the toaster it says I <3 you! Super cute, although im not sure where that was from, it was a cute gift that I just threw in there! What are you girls eating tonight? x0x0x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ed Hardy Makeup Bag and Secret Sales website

Girls, If you didn't already know, Ed Hardy is quite the rage with some celebs aka Katie Price. Also tatoo print is spot on trend at the moment, and I have found this cute bargain Ed Hardy pencil case (translation - make up bag for most of us!):

I found it at, for £8.00, R.R.P £18.00. Im so tempted to get this as Im loving the tatoo trend right now and am also desperate to own something from Ed Hardy, although some of their stuff is a bit bold (and scary), this little piece is just perfect! x Let me know if you like it below.

You might also like these gorgeous Ed Hardy pumps, way prettier than Converse:
And these super cute Ed Hardy leggings which I would love to own!

 I saw this on the Virtues of Beauty blog, and decided I would nominate the most adorable blogs I've seen so far.

They are:
Both adorable for their own reasons! Check them both out! Let me know what you think of them here: x