Monday, 17 May 2010

Hair Treatment Trick

Hi everyone, the other night I did a hair treatment with olive oil! I'd been hinkering to find a way to make my hair more shiny and smooth and after hearing a lot about olive oil being so good for your hair, I gave it a go.
Okay, so I literally just poured some olive oil into a bowl and microwaved it for like one minute. Then I smoothed it all over my hair, not just at the roots (but focusing there).

I then plaited my hair at either side, and went to bed.

In the morning I washed my hair, first using Aussie Miracle Moisture Shampoo:

I then shampooed  again, but this time using Tigi Brunette Goddess:

Next I conditioned using a James Brown London conditioner I have.
Finally, before drying I sprayed some of Loreal's Conditioning Shine Spray:

I left my hair to dry naturally, as I did not want to introduce any heat that might make the hair follicles frizzy and not smooth, and this is the final result:

There is a big improvement as I normally have thick har thats frizzy and hard to control. These products basically worked miracles for me! Think you should all slap on the olive oil ASAP! xoxo

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