Thursday, 3 June 2010

Coveted Item of the week Skull jewellery

Hey Girls!

This week, I discovered an amazing jewellery line on Net a Porter. I was looking through the jewellery on there and this ring stood out to me:
It costs £82.50 and is by the designer Daisy Knights. Intrigued, I looked her up and found her website, where she has pictures of all her current pieces and an email address to place orders. I instantly loved loads of her collections, especially the Kim collection, which is the one this gorgeous ring belongs to.

Here are some other pieces i love that she has created which can be purchased from her site:

Kim Collection, Skull gem necklace £95 - 155

Kim Collection, Skull tie charm bracelet £28 - 48
Amelia Collection, Bow Earrings £60 -80

Becky Collection, Punk Rock Necklace £75 - 135

Daisy Knights herself is only 23 years old and a St.Martins graduate (of course!), and she is relatively new in the jewellery retail world. I am so glad NEt a Porter snapped up some of her designs because I love her stuff and I definately want to order the gorgeous skull gem ring. Of her jewellery, Daisy says that she is "passionate about keeping it British and eco-friendly", which is definately a good thing in my opinion! So if you like what you see, check out her website for more creations:

Ciao XXX

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