Sunday, 30 May 2010

Outfit of the evening and Harrods!

Hey everyone! First I just want to say that  am so overwhelmed at how many followers I have after just a few weeks of blogging, and I just want to thank you all for your lovely comments, that make blogging worth while! Thanks billions! XXX

This is an outfit I wore yesterday to go out for drinks with some friends, but first I stopped of at Harrods in Knightsbridge with my bf, as its just an amazing store, and  always feel so happy walking around there! (even if I don't buy anything)

The belt is from Urban Outfitters and the bag is my teeny little Fendi that I adore!

These shoes are from Miss Selfridge, and I got them years ago in a sale. I think they were such an amazing bargain, think I only paid £20 for them and their super comfortable too X

Aren't these bags fabulous!? Clearly im craving the biggest, pinkest, glitziest one! Would be a cute beach bag I guess...

We saw the puppies they had for sale in Harrods, and poor little things, everyone was looking at them. Obviously I deflashed my camera, and they didnt notice I took a picture, but they didn't look that happy (with their backs facing everyone!). OH and they start at £2,500. Lovely little pugs, awwww.

Then we came across the Wonderland Cafe on the same floor as the puppies, and it was so cute!

So..... we got a giant ice cream hahahah

This cafe is definately meant for kids, but I loved it X

Thanks so much for reading Xoxo


  1. that ice cream looks delicious! and the hello kitty bags are so cute. i love harrods! even though i can't afford to buy anything.

  2. omg that ice cream! ~drooools
    your outfit is so glamorous and pretty <3xxx

  3. How i love harrods! I always spend way to much time there! Those hello kitty bags are fab love them!! :)