Monday, 24 May 2010

Kiss Nails Review and pics

Hi girlies! In my recent haul post you may have noticed that I bought a pack of stick on nails by Kiss from boots, costing around £5. I was so excited to try them out as I have short nails and wanted to wear them for an event I was going to.
The first thing I noticed about the nails was that although there were lots of different sizes, most of them were awkward fits for my real nails, so before I could glue them on I had to file down the sides to make them smaller. That didn't really take too long, so I'm not complaining too much!
Next I literally just put the glue onto the fake nail then pressed it onto my real nail holding it in place for about 6 seconds. To finish I just filed them down as I felt they were a bit long and sharp at the corners, then I painted them with two layers of O.P.I polish in Coney Island Cotton Candy, and I was really pleased with the overall result. 

One of the nails fell off during the evening, but it was fine! Luckily I had the glue with me so it was so quick and easy to glue it back on.

So today I got bored and repainted the falsies with my new Nails Inc Polish that I got with the coca colas from Boots in the shade 'London'. I absolutely love this colour, it looks great on long nails.

I bought Marie Claire magazine today and got a free Body Shop butter with it. The one I get is called Love Etc, but I wouldnt reccommend getting that flavour as it smells awful! I should have got the coconut one!

What have you girls been upto? xxx


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